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You must be wondering about Dubai’s temperature and weather? Wondering about Dubai’s climate? Don’t be confused. Here is every answer of every question regarding the climate of Dubai. First do you know where Dubai is situated? Dubai is one of the emirate cities which jointly called as United Arab Emirates and is located in shallow waters of the gulf. The geographical location of Dubai is responsible about Dubai’s temperature being on higher side. Most of the time temperature of Dubai is in the higher side all the year. It is recorded that 40 degree centigrade temperature is very common in Dubai.

Now if you separate all seasons in our parts. Then from the month of June to the month of September is very hot. Not only hot but you will find hot days accompanied with high levels of humid conditions resulting in making the temperature higher and higher. As told before 40 degree centigrade is very common there so the days become pretty uncomfortable outside, not only days but the nights also feel the same heat. In between June to September, august and September are expected worst months regarding humidity and hotness?

Only way to escape with these conditions is use of air-conditioned homes. Then the weather will be pleasant enough. So to cope with this kind of temperature you should always be ready towards making your home air-conditioned.

Now coming to other months, the months from December to march the temperature of Dubai is slightly pleasant and in the lower side. The temperature of Dubai in these months are cooler and enjoyable accompanied by little rain shower, sometimes heavy rain shower. Sometimes Dubai tastes odd large stormy days accompanied by blowing of high winds and heavy rainfall.

Generally the month of December and January is cooler than all other months in Dubai where temperature falls down to 10 degree centigrade. For peoples visiting Dubai in these months should bring a jumper and a jacket. Temperature can be less than 10 degree centigrade considering the wind factor.

Months like April and may or October and November are referred as transitional months in Dubai and times when you can spent most of the time outdoors. So the perfect time to visit Dubai is between the months of April, May, October or November.

Let us see the variation of temperature in Dubai as follows:

From the months of June top September, the temperature will be in the hotter side with mercury at its peak level and being specific temperature could rise to 42 degree centigrade or 108 degree Fahrenheit. Lightweight cloths are required in these months to cope with the temperature.

From December to April, the evening temperature are cooler and mild. The temperature is generally 10 to 20 degree centigrade or 50 to 68 degree Fahrenheit. Heavy cloths are required in these months like jumper and jacket.

For the month of November to march, the temperature is quite warm so medium weight cloths are enough to cope with this temperature.

You will find very thick fog in the early mornings of October through the winter and spring till April.

Altogether Dubai is a wonder full place to visit but with proper knowledge of climate. Dubai temperature is on the higher side of mercury scale. So Dubai is known for its hotter climate conditions more.


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