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Dubai is a well known city in UAE that is United Arab Emirates. If you are visiting Dubai you should be know about the climate of Dubai which is referred as hot in the dictionary. Dubai falls under arid subtropical climate. It is preferred to visit Dubai during winters rather in summer because the temperature is unbearable at times.

Summers of Dubai is unbearable with temperature rising above 40 degrees centigrade and even more. This temperature rise is accompanied by high percentage of humidity. Summer is not the best time to get outside of your home. If you are thinking about visiting the sea side to get refresh in summer. Don’t worry you will find hot bath only because the temperature of sea also rises to 37 degree centigrade. So it’s better to stay inside home and switch on the air-conditioner. Many will think this climate will give them excuse to move on undressed in UAE. But you have to dress modestly if you are thinking of getting out. Also you should take proper care of sunburn and sun stroke. Try to consume plenty of water and don’t go for a beach bath during summer.

Regarding the rainfall, rain is regular during the winter season in Dubai for the months between Februarys or March. Sometimes rainfall is seen earlier than from February. Still Dubai gets very little rainfall that is over 5 inches of rainfall recorded every year whereas UK’s rainfall recorded is 8 inches. But still the months from December to March is the best time considered for visiting Dubai.

Dubai temperature during December to march is pleasant enough for tourists to visit dubai. The average temperature recorded in these months id nearly 24 to 25 degree Celsius in day time and nights are little cooler. So it is recommended to visit Dubai in these months with warmer clothes.

Let me provide some statistical records of temperature variation in dubai as follows:

In January, average Minimum temperature is 13.7 whereas maximum is 24.0 with rainfall of 11.3mm.
In February, average Minimum temperature is 14.5 whereas maximum is 24.6with rainfall of 35.7mm.
In march, average Minimum temperature is 17.0 whereas maximum is 27.9 with rainfall of 22.4mm
In april, average Minimum temperature is 20.1 whereas maximum is 32.4 with rainfall of 7.6mm
In may, average Minimum temperature is 23.5 whereas maximum is 36.8 with rainfall of 0.7mm
In june, average Minimum temperature is 26.1 whereas maximum is 38.8 with rainfall of 0.0mm
In july, average Minimum temperature is 28.9 whereas maximum is 40.6.
In august, average Minimum temperature is 29.3 whereas maximum is 40.4.
In september, average Minimum temperature is 26.3 whereas maximum is 38.7 with rainfall of 0.0mm
In october, average Minimum temperature is 22.7 whereas maximum is 35.1.
In november, average Minimum temperature is 18.3 whereas maximum is 30.5 with rainfall of 1.8mm
In december, average Minimum temperature is 15.4 whereas maximum is 26.2 with rainfall of 14.3mm.

Dubai’s location is only responsible for its climate. During summer the swimming pools are cooled and during winter they are heated because during Summer Sea water becomes a place of hot bath. If you want to explore Dubai so it is recommended to visit during winter season.

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